“Critical Teaching” Column

“Critical Teaching” Column

The Critical Teaching column is a regular feature of the DCC’s newsletter, The Critical Criminologist, which is published three times a year. If you would like to contribute a Critical Teaching column for an upcoming newsletter, please contact the Critical Pedagogy Collective (CPC) for more information at teachingcritcrim@gmail.com.

Current Issue

Learning from Each Other: Reflections on Teaching in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program
Elizabeth Bradshaw, Associate Professor of Sociology, Central Michigan University (Fall 2017)

Past Issues

Now More Than Ever: Reflections on Teaching Hate, Hate Crime, and Hate Groups
Stanislav Vysotsky, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater (Spring 2017)

“Why doesn’t she just leave?” Tackling the most common student question about intimate partner violence victimization in the classroom
Victoria Collins, Associate Professor, Eastern Kentucky University (Fall 2016)

Teaching Critical Criminology at Community Colleges: Notes on Stigma, Elitism, and Subversive Potential
Colleen Eren, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY (Summer 2016)

Black Lives Matter, Police Violence and the Criminological Imagination
Carl Root, Eastern Kentucky University (Spring 2016)

Whose Critical Criminology Am I Teaching?
John Scott, Queensland University of Technology (Fall 2015)

Some Coping Tips for Adjunct Critical Teaching
Deborah Landry, University of Ottawa (Summer 2015)

Reflections on a Day of Teaching Precariously
Carla Barrett, John Jay College, CUNY (Spring 2015)