Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

This Teaching Resources page is a work in progress. Please send us your suggestions for useful teaching resources to the Critical Pedagogy Collective (CPC) at teachingcritcrim@gmail.com.

Teaching Tools & Professional Development

News Sources & Blogs

  • Counterpunch: A left magazine; prints annual list of most censored news stories
  • Cyborgology: A blog focused on the infiltration of technology in our everyday lives
  • Dismantling Racism in Education: A blog focused on teaching anti-racism
  • Feminist Reflections: A blog on various social issues written by feminist sociologists
  • The Marshall Project: Clearinghouse of crime/criminal justice-related news from across the nation
  • Social Justice Blog: The blog of the Social Justice journal

Films, Videos, & Images

Comprehensive Resources

  • Critical Criminology: Essays and resources for teaching critical criminology, organized by theme
  • Imagining Justice: A critical social justice collective; Provides various essays and samples of classroom activities
  • Online University of the Left: Blog and study guides focused on Marxist and progressive teaching
  • The Society Page: An open-access source for sociological articles, blogs and podcasts organized by theme

Critical Activism

Syllabi & Bibliographies