“Critical Teaching” Roundtables at ASC Annual Meetings

“Critical Teaching” Roundtables at ASC Annual Meetings

Critical Teaching roundtables at the annual ASC meetings provide a forum for sharing creative teaching strategies and a wide range of discussions related to the joys and challenges of teaching critical criminology and social justice focused courses. If you have an idea for a future teaching roundtable please contact the Critical Pedagogy Collective (CPC) at teachingcritcrim@gmail.com.

Previous ASC Teaching Roundtables

2017 – Philadelphia, PA

  • Critical Teaching: Educating for Social Justice Through Experiential and Service Learning
  • Educating for Social Justice: The Role of Critical Pedagogy
  • Reducing Social Justice to 140 Characters or Less: Critical Pedagogy in an age of Digital Politics
  • Strategies for Developing Social Justice Oriented Classrooms

2016 – New Orleans, LA

  • Critical Teaching: Teaching Critically About Injustice and Inequality with Experiential Learning Strategies
  • Critical Teaching: Teaching Critically About Race, Racism and Criminal Justice
  • Critical Teaching: Teaching Critically About Race and Policing

2015 – Washington, DC

  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Teaching Ferguson, Teaching Garner
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Teaching About Race and Racism in Criminal Justice Classes
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Serializing Criminology: Using the Serial Podcast in Teaching Critical Criminology

2014 – San Francisco

  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Directly Engaging Students with Critical Themes
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Helping Students Critique and Challenge Data
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Swimming up the Mainstream: Developing Teaching Tips on Critical Issues for The Criminologist

2013 – Atlanta

  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Using Social Media
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Politics of Pedagogy as Social Justice

2012 – Chicago

  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Teaching Content Areas Critically: Elite crime, Juvenile Delinquency, Occupy, Policing
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Fostering Critical Thinking