“Critical Teaching” Roundtables at ASC Annual Meetings

“Critical Teaching” Roundtables at ASC Annual Meetings

Critical Teaching roundtables at the annual ASC meetings provide a forum for sharing creative teaching strategies and a wide range of discussions related to the joys and challenges of teaching critical criminology and social justice focused courses. If you have an idea for a future teaching roundtable please contact the Critical Pedagogy Collective (CPC) at teachingcritcrim@gmail.com.

Call for Participation for “Critical Teaching” Roundtables at the Annual Meetings in Atlanta, 2018 – Deadline 5/1

The Critical Pedagogy Collective is calling for participation for a series of “Critical Teaching” roundtables in Atlanta. We are open to any and all ideas, but here are some we are currently thinking about:

  • Teaching strategies for “fake news” and “alternative facts”
  • Using open-source materials
  • Teaching Fascism and its new global rebirth
  • Teaching Activism/Social Movements (students’ rights, the intersections of BLM, Parkland, MeToo)
  • Decolonizing the curriculum/decolonizing the university
  • The increasing precarity of teaching in the neoliberal University (adjunctification, lumpen-professoriate, etc.)
  • Struggles, strikes, and solidarity – advocating for ourselves
  • We need to talk about teaching the housing and food insecure student who is more than ever isolated, in debt, depressed, and tetering on the edge

You are welcome to submit individually or to organize and submit a full roundtable along with others. Note that Roundtable participation does not count toward ASC panel participation limits. Send your ideas to us at teachingcritcrim@gmail.com no later than 10pm, Tuesday, May 1, 2017. PLEASE include the following with your submission:

  • Full Name and Affiliation
  • Email address and Phone Number
  • Working Titlefor your roundtable presentation or roundtable
  • A short Abstractof your individual contribution or full roundtable

Questions should be sent to the Critical Pedagogy Collective at teachingcritcrim@gmail.com

Previous ASC Teaching Roundtables

2017 – Philadelphia, PA

  • Critical Teaching: Educating for Social Justice Through Experiential and Service Learning
  • Educating for Social Justice: The Role of Critical Pedagogy
  • Reducing Social Justice to 140 Characters or Less: Critical Pedagogy in an age of Digital Politics
  • Strategies for Developing Social Justice Oriented Classrooms

2016 – New Orleans, LA

  • Critical Teaching: Teaching Critically About Injustice and Inequality with Experiential Learning Strategies
  • Critical Teaching: Teaching Critically About Race, Racism and Criminal Justice
  • Critical Teaching: Teaching Critically About Race and Policing

2015 – Washington, DC

  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Teaching Ferguson, Teaching Garner
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Teaching About Race and Racism in Criminal Justice Classes
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Serializing Criminology: Using the Serial Podcast in Teaching Critical Criminology

2014 – San Francisco

  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Directly Engaging Students with Critical Themes
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Helping Students Critique and Challenge Data
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Swimming up the Mainstream: Developing Teaching Tips on Critical Issues for The Criminologist

2013 – Atlanta

  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Using Social Media
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Politics of Pedagogy as Social Justice

2012 – Chicago

  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Teaching Content Areas Critically: Elite crime, Juvenile Delinquency, Occupy, Policing
  • Teaching Critical Criminology: Fostering Critical Thinking