Teaching Award

Teaching Award

The Teaching Award recognizes contributions that have made a significant impact on the teaching of critical criminology at the local, state, regional, national, or international level. These contributions may include:

  • exemplary classroom teaching and/or student engagement activities
  • leadership and innovation in teaching developments such as the preparation of teaching and curriculum-related materials and publications
  • contributions to the scholarship on teaching and learning
  • contributions to the enhancement of teaching within state, regional or national associations

Nomination Process

Typically, someone – or a group of people – submit a nomination letter, along with the CV of the nominee. Multiple letters of support are encouraged but not required.

This award is adjudicated by the Critical Pedagogy Collective. Please send all required materials to teachingcritcrim@gmail.com.


  • Shelly Clevenger, Illinois State University


  • Liz Bradshaw, Central Michigan University