Critical Criminology Book Award

Critical Criminology Book Award

The Critical Criminology Book Award is intended to recognize and publicize a recent book published within the last 2 years that best serves to further the goals of the DCC by providing an outstanding example of an effort to highlight relevant research, topics, frameworks, theories, etc. The book can be sole or co-authored, edited or co-edited. Textbooks are disqualified.


  • Judah Schept, Eastern Kentucky University
    “Progressive Punishment: Job Loss, Jail Growth, and the Neoliberal Logic of Carceral Expansion,” NYU Press (2015)


  • Carrie L. Buist, Grand Valley State University and Emily Lenning, Fayetteville State University
    “Queer Criminology (New Directions in Critical Criminology),” Routledge (2015)